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April 23, 2020| Lester Yat

It’s more than a building, or group of buildings, and more than a name on the sign at the front gate. A community is the people who live there — individuals and families who own homes or rent apartments, but
also share common property.

And a successful community is most likely to be one in which those residents are neighborly, too. But communities are made up of a diverse group of people — long-term residents, newcomers, families, retirees.  So how do groups of homeowners and residents build a sense of “community”?

31012625 - group of friends having outdoor barbeque at home

Across the nation,  apartment-dwellers, condo owners and homeowner associations have found ways, both common and creative, to encourage neighbors to meet, get to know each other, and find that feeling of community.

Summer offers terrific opportunities for community gatherings. A community picnic is a great idea, but think outside the BBQ box; consider adding events like a pie-eating contest, an ice-cream truck or carnival-type games for all ages.

A regular social hour in the gazebo, movie night, book club or game night can bring residents together in a friendly setting. And that togetherness doesn’t have to be purely entertaining! How about creating space for a community garden, where experienced gardeners can share their knowledge and enjoy fresh veggies, too?
But how do you entice residents to join in the fun? Today’s technology makes communication easier than ever, with online notifications, websites and social media — but don’t forget good old-fashioned face-to-face contact; there’s still nothing quite like a personal invitation to bring people together.

Beyond the special events, maintaining a sense of community is a daily affair. Enjoying a deck or patio is easier if the folks next door aren’t blaring music on theirs. Swimming pools and basketball courts are great amenities, if parents keep an eye on their kids and don’t expect neighbors to pinch-hit as lifeguards or referees.

Summer’s here and folks are outdoors. It’s a great time for neighbors to come together.